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News and Views

Canadian Newspapers - Read Canadian newspapers the minute that they are published.  A wide selection of newspapers from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and elsewhere in Canada is available. - a comprehensive Internet network to the most up-to-date news and information.

Community Newspapers
 - St. Catharines Standard
 - The Grimsby Lincoln News 
 - The Hamilton Spectator
 - News Now

Niagara Region Traffic Report - updated every few minutes. It contains information on collisions, breakdowns, emergency roadworks, and scheduled maintenance and construction events on provincially maintained highways - Weekly Top Story highlights from the national magazine.   

Find Someone - Looking for an address or telephone number? Try for a  complete Canadian telephone directory. - Looking for an international contact? Try Infobel for an extensive international telephone directory.   

Mapquest - Get access to U.S. maps and driving directions from point A to B. 

Mapblast - Get access to local maps and driving directions from point A to B.

Google Maps - Get access to local maps and driving directions from point A to B.

Canada Post - Postal Code Look-up service, Post Office Locator, Parcel Rates etc... 

Canadian Information

Canadian Information By Subject - Library and Archives Canada 

Government of Canada - The primary Internet portal for information on the Government of Canada, its programs, services, new initiatives and products, and for information about Canada. - The ServiceOntario Web site helps eliminate the need for people to search for government information across 200 Web sites, 70 call centres and over 1,500 counters, and three levels of government.

Canadian Consumer Information Gateway - will connect you to consumer information from over 400 federal, provincial and territorial governments and selected non-governmental organizations and their partners.

CBC Archives - Relive our history through CBC radio and television.

Historica Canadian Encyclopedia - An online searchable Encyclopedia database offering a multitude of interesting historical references. 

Community Information

Town of Lincoln Community Guide

InCommunities - InCommunities is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to helping people find the community, social, health and government services they need in Niagara.  - With information on more than 56,000 agencies and services to provide the answers you need, quickly and easily. 

Our Stories - OUR STORIES are the personally held recollections of Black Canadian seniors who live, lived, or grew up in the Niagara region. 

Health Information 

Health Canada Online - Get updates on Canadian Health news and Issues. In partnership with provincial and territorial governments, Health Canada provides national leadership to develop health policy, enforce health regulations, promote disease prevention and enhance healthy living for all Canadians.

Public Health Agency of Canada-  The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is the main Government of Canada agency responsible for public health in Canada 

Canada's Food Guide - Learning more about Canada's Food Guide will help you and your family know how much food you need, what types of foods are better for you, and the importance of physical activity in your day. - Current Health News and Issues, Tips on Taking Charge of Your Health, Search for information on Drugs and Diseases, etc... 

Parenting - e-Parenting Network is interactive web TV where you can watch programs about parenting issues, read and download valuable information, and e-mail in questions you have about issues that are important to you as a parent.

West Nile Virus  -  Niagara Regional Public Health has information about the disease and how to combat it.

Lyme Disease - Government of Canada resource. Learn about Lyme disease, its causes, symptoms, risks, treatment, prevention and surveillance. Also find information for contacting health professionals. 

Find a Job

Canada's online job bank! - Looking for a job?  This Government of Canada site, contains job listings, training opportunities, career information, and worker rights and benefits. 

Employment Help Centre - The Employment Help Centre is located in Beamsville, Grimsby, and Smithville. They are a not-for-profit charity providing a full range of employment services and support to job seekers and employers. 

Career Builder - Job search management tools,  resume posting tools, job recommendations - Canada's leading online career management portal. Post your resume, find your job, manage your career. - Searching job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages. - A Canadian job board offering online career solutions. - Search over 100,000 jobs from thousands of job boards, employment and career sites in Canada. 

Access to Professions and Trades in Ontario - This web site makes finding out about the requirements for working in Ontario, labour market trends, and the job search process straightforward and globally accessible.  As a result, people who have come to Ontario can get on the right career path from the start - and people who are considering moving here can assess their career options before they arrive.

Education Information

Canadian Home Based Learning Resource - Information and resources for homeschool parents. 

District School Board of Niagara

Niagara Catholic District School Board


Online Literary Criticism Collection - Browse this website for criticisms of literature by Author, Title, or Literary Period. The content is no longer updated but the content is still searchable. - Browse this website for full-text articles and books documenting Canadian History from the first European contact to the late 19th century.

Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers - Interviews, reading lists and general chat with Canadian authors. 

Writers and Company - Interviews with a wide range of authors from around the world by Eleanor Wachtel with accompanying reading lists. 

Transportation Information

NiagaraCycling will strive to be the one stop for Bicycling Information in Niagara reaching out to visiting bicycle tourists and seasoned local riders as well. 

Ontario Driver's Handbook - An on-line version of the Driver's Handbook, Motorcycle Handbook, Truck Handbook, Bus Handbooks and Airbrake Handbook. Also has links to a "practice test".

Government Resources

Service Ontario -The Ontario government is now making it easy for you to access the information, services and resources you need, when and how you need them. Whether you’re getting married, starting a business or want to learn more about your workplace or industry, it’s all here.

Service Canada - Service Canada’s goal is to provide Canadians with one-stop, personalized service they can access however they choose – by telephone, Internet, or in person.

Canada Business  - Government services for entrepreneurs - Business startup, Tax, Sector Information, Financing, Regulations, Innovation, Exporting, Importing.

E Laws - Statutes of Ontario - Consolidated Law, Source Law and Annual Consolidations.

Town of Lincoln Virtual Library - This service allows users to easily search, navigate and print documents published by the Town of Lincoln. 

Find out more about the Greenbelt Legislation

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) - Is a secure, online self-service application that provides property owners with convenience access to property assessment information. Through this service, you can access property assessment information, site information, lot size and recent sales information on your property and similar neighbourhood properties off interest - free of charge. 

Person with Disabilities

Persons With disabilities Online -   A site where persons with disabilities, their family members, caregivers and service providers can access a full range of information on disability-related programs and services in Canada.

Living with Disabilities (Accessible via Service Canada ) - Users have the option of selecting from over 650 disability related resources.

General Information

Canada Post: Everything you wanted to know about mailing packages at Christmas and writing to Santa. Send a letter to Santa  ; Send holiday postcards ; Stories to read ;  Santa's Birthday Cards ; Games to play ; Holiday recipes ; *Northpole Wallpaper ; Puzzles & Activities ; Good Deed Calendar ; Visit Elf Pal Academy ; Educational Activities ; Q&A with Santa ; Find the hidden stories ; Naughty or Nice List ; Santa Tracker (Dec. 24)